Download The Coop’s single, “A Fleeting Glimpse”

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

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Download The Coop’s single, “A Fleeting Glimpse” , released February 29

This Chicago quartet eschews the notion that livetronica acts must adhere to traditional forms of electronica like house or trance that result in derivative and diluted runoff from the “trance-fusion” ethos. Rather, The Coop seeks to emulate current trends in EDM, which has led to a brand of live-glitch-hop aesthetic that runs rampant through the title track from their forthcoming, EP “A Fleeting Glimpse.” That being said, the boys are still products of the vibrant Chicago jam scene, so shreddery is clearly an ingredient. This single serves as jumping off point for the album. – Anand Harsch, The Untz.

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